Chick Tracks A Witnessing Tool?


Here at the First Free Will Baptist Church Of Visalia we use Chick Tracks as a witnessing tool. We have a stand that holds over 100 tracks. We ask all those who would like to take some tracks and give them to people or  leave them laying in places where people would find/see them.
Chick tracts are short evangelical-themed tracts created by American publisher Jack Chick. Chick tracts use a comic book format. They are small pamphlets, approximately three by five inches in dimensions, and approximately twenty pages in length.
Whether you love him or hate him, you gotta respect Chick for sticking to his guns. Since 1961 (over half a century!), he’s cranked out tract after tract to help sinners “see the light.” He’s written over 235 different tracts, with more than 800,000,000 distributed worldwide (in over 100 different languages)!
A pastor who recently called us summed up the life and ministry of Jack Chick quite well. He said, “The thing I appreciate most about Jack Chick is that thirty years ago when I read my first Chick tract, it was a pure soul winning tract, presenting the gospel in a simple format that anyone could understand. Today, thirty years later, he hasn’t changed a bit.
While many other Christian leaders have left soul winning far behind, Jack Chick is still faithfully producing easy-to-understand soul winning gospel tracts with a salvation message that anyone can understand. He has never swerved or strayed from his calling to share the gospel with the lost
multitudes around the world.” If you want to learn more about Chick then click on this link Chick Tracks.
Below we display Chick tracts on our website as a witnessing tool. There are several titles available as interactive presentations. The track will change to different ones from time to time. To read the tracks you turn the pages by click the corner or drag and drop.


Comic #1


Comic #2


Comic #3


Comic #4


Comic #5


Comic #6


Comic #7




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