California Christian College (CCC)


California Christian College (CCC) is a private Free Will Baptist college in Fresno, California. It was born from the vision of forty-eight Free Will Baptist Churches in 1955. Churches in the western U.S. found trained pastors to be in short supply. CCC was established to fulfill this need. The first classes of the college were held in the First Free Will Baptist church of Richmond, California. Today the college is located on 4 acres (16,000 m2) at the corner of University and Winery. Since its founding the college has operated continuously except for 1985–86, when the governing board re-evaluated the college’s needs and mission. Classes resumed in the Fall of 1986.

CCC is owned and operated by the California State Association of Free Will Baptists. A Board of Trustees is the ruling body. The president functions as the administrative officer of thecollege under the direction of the Board of Trustees. The student body is composed of many denominational backgrounds. Those who hold doctrinal perspectives which differ with those of Free Will Baptists rest assured that, while CCC’s doctrinal distinctive are unapologetically taught and advocated, that non-Free Will Baptist student and his or her doctrinal position is to be treated with respect and in a Christ like manner.

California Christian College has a few degree programs to choose from: AA in Bible and Christian Ministry, BA in Bible and Christian Ministry and BA in Bible and Theology. The student body comprises many students who will not make ministry a full-time job, but seek to further their knowledge of the Bible to help them in their personal or even organized church ministries.






4881 E. University Ave.
Fresno, CA 93703
Telephone: (559) 251-4215
Fax: (559) 251-4231
More info: Website; Facebook




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