Prayer List


Here is a list of church members, relatives and friends that have requested and need our prayers. Please pray for them every day.


Keijo Sweden (spreading the Gospel)

Paola (salvation)

Mensker Family (health)

Edmund Krzeminski  (spreading the Gospel)

Glory (health)

Katherine Wilson (salvation)

Eloy Corona (health)

Sara Hobbs (health)

Erich & Cindy Seibert (health)

Pastor Randy Freedenburg (health)

Ted Weathers (health)

Donnie Gomes (health)

Joe Avila (health)

Shyla Smith (health)

Henry Pedersen (health)

Elaine Wiley (health)

Brenda Gullotto (health)

Glenn & Terry Barrett (health)

Gloria Cassidy (prayer)

Violet White (health)

Whitworth Family (health)

All our church family




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