Prayer List


Here is a list of church members, relatives and friends that have requested and need our prayers. Please pray for them every day.


Erin & Erin (salvation)

Magdalena Lovejoy (family & friends)

T (family & friends)

Keijo Sweden (spreading the Gospel)

Paola (salvation)

Mensker Family (health)

Edmund Krzeminski  (spreading the Gospel)

Glory (health)

Katherine Wilson (salvation)

Eloy Corona (health)

Sara Hobbs (health)

Erich & Cindy Seibert (health)

Pastor Randy Freedenburg (health)

Donnie Gomes (health)

Joe Avila (health)

Shyla Smith (health)

Henry Pedersen (health)

Elaine Wiley (health)

Brenda Gullotto (health)

Glenn & Terry Barrett (health)

Gloria Cassidy (prayer)

Violet White (health)

Whitworth Family (health)

All our church family


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